3 Tips To Use Cat Treats While Not Spoiling Them

3 Tips To Use Cat Treats While Not Spoiling Them

Cats are amazing pets, and those who have cats can never get enough of showering them with attention and love. It goes without saying that you want the very best for your furry babies and would do anything to make them comfortable. Until recently, spoiling your feline friend was limited to just feeding them some real tuna or maybe letting them sleep in your bed. But, today, there is so much more than you can treat your cat with, like special cat beds and toys as well as homemade treats. And it’s no surprise that you may want to bring to them all. But how much is too much? 

It’s very common to spoil your cat, especially with treats that you may want to give them in increased amounts with their regular foods. While cats love their treats and easily trap their human friends into giving it to them, it is important to keep control. Too much of treats can not only lead to obesity but can also increase the risk of feline diseases. In short, it could harm your cat. Here are some tips to treat cats without spoiling them.

Treats post-training
Cats not only have long-term memory but short-term memory too, and this makes them highly trainable. They react very well to positive reinforcement, which is why using treating them after training is ideal. They remember receiving something enjoyable; choose a treat that helps make your cats do as instructed. Treats like shrimp and tuna are great to get their attention if they haven’t ever tasted them before. Treating cats post-training is a great way to make sure that you’re not spoiling them. 

Treat for good behavior
Like all pets, cats tend to misbehave if not controlled at the right time. From parking itself on the new sofa to pooping in your bed, they can give you quite a tough time. Reward their good behavior so that they remember what to do. As and when possible, shower cats with praise, attention, and treats when they don’t misbehave. If you’ve noticed your sofa hasn’t been scratched while the cat is seated, offer a treat. With time, your cat will learn the difference between good and bad behavior. Doing this will let you treat cats without them being spoiled. 

Treat when helping overcome fears
Cats fear certain activities and are scared of venturing into some areas. Treats can be used well to help them overcome their fears. It is important to help your cat socialize; this is especially true when raising a kitten. Cats can feel scared and anxious around some people or animals and you can use treats to ease them. 

Overfeeding pets with treats is a mistake most pet parents make. Not only does it cause your cat to misbehave but it can also cause health issues. It is important to note how many times a day has your cat been treated and talk to the vet about the right amounts.

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