A Guide To Affordable Lawn Care Services

You might wonder, why spend hundreds of dollars on professional lawn care services when simple tasks like mowing, trimming, and weeding can be done by members of the family? However, lawn maintenance is a regular and tiresome job that takes a backseat with limited time and manpower. And before you know it, those weeds grow back! To deal with this, you can consider opting for a good lawn and yard maintenance service.

Owing to the increasing demand for affordable lawn services, several companies are now offering free quotes, flexible plans, and vetted services by professional contractors for the best lawn and yard maintenance money can buy. We’ll look at a few essential factors to consider before opting for professional lawn care.

What do professional lawn care services offer?
From trimming and cutting to full-blown maintenance, you can expect to find just about everything you need to maintain your home lawn. Check out what some of the top affordable lawn services have to offer and opt for a service depending on your needs:

  • Landscaping and hardscaping
    Mowing does not stop at merely cutting the grass and cleaning up the area. In fact, mowing/trimming is one of the basic jobs any service offers as part of their package quote. Other than these, landscaping keeps the weeds (plant killers!) out, the mulch seeded in, and, most importantly, keeps the flowers pruned all year round. Hardscaping is, alternatively, done to redecorate the surroundings.
  • Fertilization and aeration
    Even grass needs fertilization to grow all year round, and lawn care services fertilize the entire yard. This takes care of anything that grows and needs nutrients to survive the weather and maintains the lush green texture of your lawn. Apart from this, the soil must be aerated from time to time to allow the fertilizer and water to be absorbed efficiently. This is done professionally across the yard, in and around plants and other shrubs in your garden.
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
    Constant pruning and trimming of the small trees and shrubs is essential to maintain the aesthetics of the lawn. Often, overgrown tree branches need removal to ensure that they don’t crack under pressure and fall unexpectedly, damaging the property. This is why you should hire professionals; they can quote a fair price for affordable lawn services that cover everything you need. Also, they have the proper tools and equipment to cut and shear away the excess safely.

Points to consider for cost
You must understand what is included in the cost of maintaining the lawn. Even the most affordable lawn services account for the following factors to determine the fee for their services:

  • Size
    How big is your lawn? The surface area that needs tending will directly influence the cost of manpower and equipment needed for maintenance.
  • Services included
    Are you looking for just a trim job or require complete and regular lawn maintenance? Many companies provide package deals that cover the basics and special services for premium quality shrub work, leaf blowing, and edging work to maintain the landscape.
  • Exclusive services
    From a simple grass cutting job to more advanced pest, insects, rodents, and weed control, there is a myriad of lawn care services you can explore. The cost of lawn maintenance will also vary depending on the products and equipment used by the professionals.

Top affordable lawn services
There are two simple ways to hire affordable lawn services: directly reach out to known individual contractors in your vicinity or contact an online service that connects you with the right people for the job. From basic trimming to a complete overhaul, websites list a multitude of services with free quotes for the job at hand. Here are some affordable lawn care service providers you can choose from:

  • GreenPal
    Professional lawn care for a budget-friendly price tag, now that’s service at its very best! GreenPal helps you connect with the best lawn care professionals in your neighborhood. You can get free quotes for your choice of services at a single click and have someone show up at your doorstep by the next day. GreenPal eliminates the hassles of searching for and narrowing down available services, as the filtering and vetting are managed on the company’s end. Simply input the type of work you need to get done for lawn maintenance, and you will be put in touch with professionals for the job.
  • LawnStarter
    This is one of the best online affordable lawn services and caters to your needs with a dedicated platform and a smartphone app. You can even search for services on the go and view the pricing, plans, and details of the services offered before choosing the service date. You can hire lawn care professionals in a matter of minutes with LawnStarter’s user-friendly search and browse interface. And right from arranging a visit to making the final payment, everything can be managed on the main website, saving you time, effort, and, most importantly, money.
  • TaskEasy
    TaskEasy employs cutting-edge technology for its services and currently operates in over 12,000 cities nationwide. It is one of the more premium yet affordable lawn service providers that cater to both homeowners and businesses. TaskEasy offers exclusive weekly and biweekly plans for essential lawn care needs with fixed pricing, and it employs licensed contractors. Just like you would shop for your favorite products on e-commerce websites, you can order single or bundled affordable lawn services on this exclusive platform.
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