A Guide To Choosing Canadian Rockies Tour Packages

A guide to choosing Canadian Rockies tour packages

Canada is blessed with the world’s most stunning mountain range that runs from the Canadian Prairies to the Pacific Ocean. The Canadian Rockies have numerous high peaks and a stunning landscape. You also get to enjoy the national parks, curvy trails, and the gushy waterfalls on the way. A lot of companies offer Canadian Rockies tour packages, and it is hard to compare them. This article will help you compare and choose from the four different routes and their associated packages. Here are some factors you need to consider while planning a tour of the Canadian Rockies.

What are the travel options available for a tour to the Canadian Rockies?

  • You can explore the Canadian Rockies by cars as well as trains.
  • But, as per most travelers, a train trip to the Canadian Rockies is the best way to explore this destination.
  • However, not all packages include train tours.
  • There are two rail companies that offer trains tours to the Canadian Rockies: Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail Canadian.

How to choose your transportation?

  • You can choose Rocky Mountaineer for your tour to the Canadian Rockies if you wish to travel in daylight. They have four different train routes — First passage to the West, Coastal Passage, Rainforest to Gold Rush, and Journey through the Clouds.
  • Some roundtrip packages are offered by both VIA Rail Canadian and Rocky Mountaineer.
  • You can also travel to the Canadian Rockies by motor coaches, as it is a more economical choice. However, you first need to compare the price of the train tours with all motor coach packages. You will be surprised to find that in some cases, the train tours are relatively cheaper and offer more value than other modes of transportation.
  • Certain companies let you self-drive through the mountains. They provide rental cars as well as accommodation for you.
  • If you are planning to travel by car, that best starting point would be Calgary since its international airport is the closest to the Canadian Rockies. Canada restricts flight in national parks.

Where can one stay during a tour of the Canadian Rockies?

  • You can call up the company advertising Canadian Rockies train tours and inquire about the accommodations and hotels included as a part of the package. If they offer different stay options, get all the names of all the choices.
  • Once you get the hotel names, try to scan each one of them on travel websites like TripAdvisor to read reviews. In this way, you’re sure to choose the most suitable one for your tour to the Canadian Rockies. Make sure that you are comfortable with your options before committing to any package.
  • Some of the most famous hotels are the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and Fairmont Banff Springs. If your heart is set on any of these hotels, make sure that they are a part of your Canadian Rockies tour package.
  • Make sure to get the hotel’s name right because many of them have names that can be confused easily. For instance, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is not the same as Lake Louise Inn Hotel.

How can one spend time in the Canadian Rockies?

  • People who are taking the Canadian Rockies train tour for the first time may think that most of their time is spent on trains while traveling. But, that is not how it is.
  • There are many activities that you can do in the Rockies such as helicopter flightseeing, river floating and rafting, tramway and gondola rides, wildlife viewing, local bus tours, canoeing, hot spring visits, kayaking, ice explorer rides, bike rentals, golfing, horseback riding, walking, winery tours, and hiking. Choose a tour package that includes activities that interest you.
  • Before you commit to any tour company, read the entire itinerary very carefully. They may have listed activities that are not included in some packages but are available at an extra price. So, be careful while picking something that is not a part of your package.

Are all the tours escorted?

  • Most first-time travelers think that an individual guide will be appointed to meet them at the airport or hotel. They expect the guide to welcome and invite them for a meeting along with their traveling companions.
  • People also expect to have an escort throughout the trip.
  • If that is what you want, make sure you avail of this facility from the tour company in advance. However, unless mentioned, such services are not a part of the standard package.

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