A List Of Lucrative Franchises To Buy

A list of lucrative franchises to buy
In the franchising model, you are borrowing some other company’s proven business model; thus can be much safer than starting a new business. Buying a franchise can be a very important decision in an entrepreneur’s life. In an industry that is filled with thousands of franchising opportunities, finding the right one that is suitable according to your needs can be a challenging task. Every franchising agreement is unique and the success of the franchise depends on the initial investment, eventual fees and the support they receive from the franchisor as well as the strength of the brand and the financial stability of their parent company. So here are some of the best franchises in the country that you can take a chance on.

Who are Budget Blinds?

  • The Budget Blinds franchise is a mobile business for sale and installation of window coverings, such as shutters, wood blinds, mini blinds, vertical blinds, pleated shades, draperies, cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades, and solar shades.
  • The franchisor will train you and one other person free of cost at its headquarters situated in Irvine, California if you are taking its franchise for the first time.
  • They have 971 franchises and it costs anywhere between $89,200-$187,100 to open one.
  • They have been consistently ranked first for providing window coverings in North America.
  • Their Single Territory average sales are around $572,285 U.S./$667,975 CAN* Also, low entry cost and adequate support have made their franchisors a successful local business owner.

What do you know about Yogen Fruz?

  • Yogen Fruz is specialized in the sales of frozen yogurt, yogurt shakes, fruit cups and other types of fruit and yogurt-based products to the public.
  • Its smaller outlets are also present in non-traditional locations such as hospitals, stadiums or in other types of stores.
  • They have 1121 franchises and it costs anywhere between $135,700-$472,200 to open one.
  • Yogen Fruz has built a considerable recognition for excellence in frozen yogurt, fitness menus and outstanding service.
  • It has been recognized by the Entrepreneur Magazine for its achievements and was rated as Number One Franchise in the World among the Franchise 500 in 1999.
  • It offers considerable training as well as financial assistance to its franchisors which makes it best to be bought.

How is Sign-A-Rama one of the best franchises to own?

  • Sign-A-Rama is much more than just a sign company; it works with its clients to build and shape their brands.
  • It personalizes the signs and promotional materials so as to make an excellent strategy for their clients.
  • Sign-a-Rama has 949 franchises and it costs $91,100-$234,200 to open one.
  • Sign-A-Rama has been ranked one in its class and 76 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. It has been consistently rated as one of the top sign franchisees in the industry.
  • It is best in business and will start you off with all the tools required to succeed.

How is Carl’s Jr. Restaurants considered the best buy?

  • Carl’s Jr. is well known for its inspirational advertising campaigns. Their ads attract a lot of attention to the company which helps them in bringing franchisees.
  • The chain can also be dual-branded with Green Burrito, which is a Mexican restaurant chain that is run by CKE Restaurants.
  • They have 998 franchises and it costs $1.3 million-$1.9 million to open one.
  • Carl’s Jr. Restaurants have built a strong recognition as America’s best burger chain. It has maintained its internationally loyal customer base due to its innovative menu strategy of offering best- quality restaurant items, such as its line of 100% Black Angus Beef Six Dollar Burgers.

Why be Pita Pit bought?

  • The Pita Pit franchisor offers and sells franchises for their business concept which consists of a marketing plan and proper system required for opening and operating retail outlets specialized in the selling of pita sandwiches.
  • The Pita Pit concept is revolved around delivering tasty, high quality, nutritious, custom-built, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products.
  • Pita Pit has 489 franchises and it costs $187,500-$314,980 to open one.
  • It has experienced a wide growth in recent years because of its abundance in various nutritious options.
  • The cost required for opening a Pita Pit is very less when compared with the other fast food restaurants.
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