All About Data Plans

All about data plans

What is the data speed?

  • In the terms 3G and 4G, the ‘G’ stand for the generation.
  • 4G is the latest generation of cell phone networks in terms of speed and coverage.
  • With 3G, the smartphone came into existence.
  • The network was fast enough to help with basic internet functions like browsing and messaging.
  • 1G and 2G before that were too slow to allow any kind of practical application like streaming videos, surfing the web and downloading music.

What is 4G?

  • With the introduction of the 4G network, smartphones were able to expand their horizon. Mainly because the 4G network is much faster than 3G.
  • With 4G, you can download a game or stream an HD video without experiencing any lag or buffering.
  • 4G is everywhere and expanding, but if you come across an area that only has 3G, your network will automatically switch to accommodate.
  • The network will work the same just a bit slower.

What is 4G LTE?

  • LTE is an acronym for Long Term Evolution. It’s a term used for a particular type of 4G network that delivers the fastest internet experience.
  • With a 4G smartphone, you can download files 10 times the speed of 3G.
  • Using 4G LTE is like using the internet on your home computer. All you need is a smartphone that is configured to handle 4G LTE network.

What is data roaming?

  • The continued use of data when you are out of your service provider’s network or coverage area comes under data roaming.
  • Smartphones are often permanently connected to the internet. Therefore, when you are traveling, you inadvertently get connected to the other networks and get charged for roaming.
  • You can change the roaming setting on your phone before you travel out of your coverage area.
  • If you switch roaming off, you don’t need to worry about applications running in the background using all your data and depleting your wallet.

How many types of data plans are there?

Though there are multiple telecom companies each having their own sets of data plans to keep their customers happy and engaged.

All these data plans are essentially categorized into two types – Prepaid data plans and Postpaid data plans.

Prepaid data plans

  • As the name suggests, in prepaid data plans, users pay an upfront cost that decides how many minutes and data can they consume for how long.
  • Prepaid plans work by recharging your account. This recharge comes in different ranges with various inclusions.

Postpaid data plans

  • Postpaid data plans are more like an agreement, where you choose a plan and every month your service provider bills and refreshes your plan.
  • If you use up your data early, your service provider lets you use the data for an extra fee which gets added to your bill.

What are the advantages of prepaid plans?

  • You do not need to sign a contract with your internet service provider.
  • There are no hidden fees with a prepaid plan, you pay for what you see.
  • You can easily change your package based on your requirement.
  • You get many choices based on unlimited data packs, bulk minutes and special data.
  • You get 100% control on spending.
  • No need to worry about the misuse of data or minutes with prepaid plans.

Are there any disadvantages of prepaid plans?

  • You need to keep track of your data or you might run out of data in an untimely manner.
  • It can become very expensive if you miscalculate the data usage.
  • Topping up the data can be expensive as well if you don’t use the previous data.
  • Prepaid equipment can be expensive and can go up to $25 – $125+.

What are the advantages of a postpaid plan?

  • Compared to prepaid, postpaid plans are cheaper.
  • Since you pay the bill after you have used the service you don’t need to worry about data running out.
  • With postpaid, you get a few days before you pay the bill, which is not the case with prepaid.
  • You get a detailed bill every month with the postpaid plan.

There are still many advancements going on, in the field of telecommunication to provide more effective and faster ways to communicate, share data, and stay connected. With every new step, we are getting closer to a better and more permanent connection towards a new future.

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