An Overview Of Home Warranty Companies In Texas

An overview of home warranty companies in Texas

After closing the deal, the last thing a home buyer wants is to worry about what could break down or malfunction. With a home warranty, you can cover the repair and replacement of many of the major home appliances and systems and their components that typically break-down because of wear and tear over time. As a home warranty plan can cover a multitude of systems and items, it gives the home buyer some peace of mind.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the home warranty companies in Texas.

Who pays for the home warranty plan?

  • Depending upon your local regulations, you will know if the seller pays for the home protection plan or the buyer.
  • In many locales, it’s the seller who pays for the warranty as it is the seller’s benefit.
  • That way a buyer won’t call the seller if something breaks after closing.
  • Many times, real estate agents provide home warranty as a gift for the closing of a deal.

What is covered under the Choice Home Warranty plan?

The Choice Home Warranty is a service contract company that provides a set of home warranty plans, which are used for the repair and the replacement of appliance and systems, provided they are well-maintained and covered. Their team is quick and efficient and they have a large base of customers, both regular homeowners and real estate professionals. Some of the benefits which they provide are:

  • No fee for the first month
  • Dedicated teams of 2 to 3 representatives per customer
  • Around the year 24/7 service
  • No home inspection required
  • Large contractor network

What are the services offered by the TotalProtect home warranty plan?

  • TotalProtect provides a total of three plans, namely, the appliances plan, the systems plan, and the combo plan. TotalProtect operates with 40,000 pre-screened service technicians that are located nationwide.
  • You can go online to check out the sample contract as it will give you a better idea of how they work.
  • All the above-mentioned warranty plans cover obscure, pre-existing conditions, and rust and corrosion damage.
  • Once a repair or replacement has been done in your home, you get a 180-day workmanship guarantee in case it breaks down again.

Which services are provided by Select Home Warranty plan?

Select Home Warranty offers platinum care, gold care, and bronze care. They are explained briefly below:

  • Bronze care– The cheapest and the least extensive plan, the bronze plan includes household appliances. This plan covers your washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves/ovens, garbage disposals, built-in microwaves, and cooktops.
  • Gold care– This plan is a bit extensive and it covers selected household systems like the heating systems, water heaters, plumbing, ductwork, air conditioning, and electrical system.
  • Platinum care– This plan is the combination of the bronze and the gold care plan, and it covers all the appliances and systems mentioned above.

Which services are covered by the First American home warranty plan?

  • The First American home warranty does not have an exclusive plan or plans that are appropriate for all homes.
  • It provides quotes based on your geographic location and then offers you plans that include different coverage options.
  • Though the coverage depends on your area, the plans are pretty comprehensive no matter where you live.
  • They ask customers to review local contractors based on performance.
  • The First American home warranty has an experience of over 30 years in the home warranty business.
  • The plan cover appliances and systems that have malfunctioned because of sedimentation, rust, and lack of maintenance.
  • The warranty plan can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your house during the term of the contract.
  • It also covers any properly working appliance of the system, no matter how old it is.

What services are covered by the American Home Shield warranty plan?

The American Home Shield is one of the major home warranty providers on the market, with one of the largest customer bases and coverage plans in the country. Their plans are reasonably priced and there’s a fit for every budget in their range of proposals. There are four types of plans offered, these are:

  • Systems plan– This plan includes home systems and their components.
  • Appliances plan– This plan includes appliances found in most households.
  • Combo plan– The third option is a plan called combo, and it combines both the systems and the appliances plan. The combo plan is this company’s best-selling plan.
  • Build your own plan– In this plan, you can choose which appliances and systems you want to cover with your home warranty contract and the value of the plan will depend on that. Keep in mind that you have to pick at least ten home systems and appliances.

Depending upon your requirement, needs, and budget, you can choose any of the enlisted plans from a home warranty company in Texas.

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