Benefits Offered To Seniors By Amtrak

Benefits offered to seniors by Amtrak
Amtrak trains are the best medium of transport for discovering some of the most popular destinations in the country and Canada. These trains cover over 21,400 routes across 500 destinations spanning these two countries.

Amtrak has various ongoing offers and deals that makes riding with them all the more lucrative. They offer discounts for senior citizens, children, militants, group travel, etc. Amtrak fares may vary from time to time, so you must book in advance to avail the best and cheapest Amtrak train ticket prices.

However, if you are planning to book a trip for your parents or grandparents, then it is wise to fully understand the fares and policies of the services offered by Amtrak for seniors to avail discounts.

Does Amtrak offer discounts for senior citizens?

  • The senior citizens can receive at least a 10% discount on most of the Amtrak scheduled rail fares.
  • The senior citizens should be 65 years of age or older to receive these discounts.
  • Amtrak also offers cross-border services in collaboration with VIA Rail Canada and offers a 10% discount to senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older.
  • The senior citizens must possess a valid age proof to avail the mentioned discounts while booking and traveling.

Does Amtrak levy any discount limitations on senior citizen bookings?

  • The senior citizens discount is not applicable on the saver or flexible fares.
  • Generally, the discounts cannot be clubbed with other offers. If you have already availed an offer and are looking for an additional senior citizen’s discount on the Amtrak train ticket prices, then, you must refer the terms and conditions for each offer prior making a reservation.
  • The discounts offered to senior citizens are not applicable to the non-Acela Business class, First class, or the sleeping accommodation. To avail these offers you may have to pay extra money.
  • The discount for senior citizens is currently not available on two trains, namely, the Auto Train and the Acela Express.

Which are the best services offered to senior citizens on Amtrak?

  • Amtrak train services offer a standard 10% discount to seniors on most of the train routes.
  • They offer wide seats and extra legroom for the senior citizens to be comfortable during the journey.
  • One of the best services for seniors is the sleeping compartment. For those who can’t sit for a prolonged period of time; however, it is best to book the sleeping compartments in advance.
  • An overnight journey also gives the senior citizens an option of using the full-service menu in the onboard restaurants on the train.

Why should you choose Amtrak over other services?

  • Their trains connect some of the most important routes, which are also some of the busiest routes. So, you don’t need to worry about traffic jams or car parking on your next trip to cities like New York.
  • They also allow you to bring your bikes and pets aboard the train at a bare minimal fee.
  • You can enjoy hassle-free travel with the best cross-border connections.
  • If you are traveling in a group or you need some privacy, you can also opt for the First or the Business class to enjoy premium services and luxury amenities.
  • When you need to travel with a lot of luggage, trains are the safest option. Amtrak permits onboard two pieces of carry-on luggage, each weighing not more than 50 lbs.

How to avail the best Amtrak fares for senior citizens?

  • The best fares for senior citizens can be availed by checking the deals section on the Amtrak website/app and booking online.
  • There are three ongoing deals for senior citizens which offer great discounts in the range of 10% to 50% depending on the travel date and selected cities.
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