Best Teaching Institutes For Mobile Development Courses

Best teaching institutes for mobile development courses

Gadgets and gizmos have taken over our lives with mobiles and laptops doing almost everything for us now. In fact, now there are formal courses to develop mobile applications, commonly known as mobile apps. These apps help consumers manage their personal and professional responsibilities more easily. Today, there are different kinds of apps that cater to the different needs of consumers.

Below is some information about the various aspects of mobile app development and the best teaching institutes in the country for the same.

What is mobile app development?

  • Mobile app development is the process by which you can build an app for cell phones or other mobile devices like personal digital assistants and enterprise digital assistants.
  • The apps may be pre-installed on the devices during the manufacturing stage or can be delivered later as web apps.
  • Mobile app development has become the source of a job as well as revenue for many.
  • There are formal courses that teach you how to develop a mobile app.

What is special about mobile app development?

  • Mobile app development has been one of the most important developments in software development.
  • It allows an individual to create a usable and meaningful app from the beginning to the end in a short span of time.
  • It showcases an entrepreneurial opportunity that is within the purview of a programmer.
  • Creating an app is special because it is more accessible as mobile apps are meant to be small and for a single purpose usually.
  • In the gaming arena as well, mobile apps have made the earlier 3D graphics and huge code bases much simpler and user-friendly.
  • It is the future of development because mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our lives with changing times.

What are the different mobile development platforms?

  • Until the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, there were very few mobile app development platforms.
  • Now, Apple’s operating system (iOS) is one of the front-runners when it comes to app development platforms as it has completely changed the idea of a mobile software and a mobile device.
  • The other major player in app development platforms is the Android OS. It was released a little later in September 2008, but it has gained a huge share in the market.
  • The other players who occupy 2% of market share in the mobile OS market are Windows and Blackberry.

What are the basics of mobile app development?

  • Initially, to develop mobile apps for both the front-runner OS platforms, you needed to learn the native tools for each of the vendors. For instance, iOS had XCode and Objective-C while Android had Android SDK plugin, Netbeans, Java, or Eclipse. But today there are more options.
  • Every programming language is supported in some form and mobile apps can be built to run only in a mobile browser.
  • Some of the forms of app development in the modern age include native development, cross-platform mobile development tools, mobile web apps.

Which are the best teaching institutes for mobile app development in the country?
Below is a list of some of the best mobile app development teaching institutes in the country:

  • Rasmussen College, Maitland, FL– This is one of the first institutes to offer a software app development associate’s degree. It teaches many computer languages and also databases. Rasmussen College provides expertise in Microsoft Azure, systems integration, cloud computing, and the principles of user design experience.
  • Walden University, Naples– Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) in information technology by Walden University is a great course to enroll in. It is one of the few online web-development programs that has been accredited by ABET, which is the global computing accreditation commission. The University focuses on web and mobile apps development and introduces its students to the tools needed to make user-friendly and interactive apps on various platforms.
  • Bryant and Stratton College Online, Buffalo, NY– The online Bryant and Stratton College offers an associate degree in information technology that focuses on mobile app development. In this course, students are taught to develop, write, and test software programs for various mobile apps.
  • San Diego State University, San Diego, CA– This university has an advanced (postgraduate) certificate program in web and mobile apps development that focuses on using advanced programming techniques to build software apps. The course has a good blend of classroom and online form of instruction.
  • Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL– The Full Sail University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Mobile Development that includes software development and management, design principles, app production for websites, iPads, cell phones, and other devices. It focuses on iOS and Android app development, mobile business and marketing, integrated product development, mobile interfaces and usability, and mobile game design.

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