Choosing The Best VPN Service

Choosing the best VPN service
A VPN or virtual private network helps you stay safe, secure, and anonymous when browsing the web.

Virtual private networks can be used to get through harsh and rigorous censorship. Being able to watch sporting events from other countries is also one of the main reasons for people to switch to a VPN.

Some of the best VPNs are actually quite cheap and provide good access to users.

What are some details about TunnelBear?

  • TunnelBear is a VPN that is very easy to use and is perfect for first-time users.
  • It can be used on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.
  • The app is free of jargon and explains how a VPN works in simple terms, so any new user can pick it up quickly.
  • For experts and regular VPN users, this can be annoying as it does not have many features in comparison to the other options out there.
  • It is the best VPN for a beginner.

What about NordVPN?

  • NordVPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market today.
  • It beats its competition in most areas.
  • It has about 3500 servers in about 70 countries, with 2048 bit encryption, strong DNS leak protection, 6-device support, and an automated kill switch.
  • Additionally, it also provides payment options with BitCoin and PayPal.
  • They have monthly as well as yearly plans, which can be preceded by a free trial so that you can get a good look at it before you make up your mind.

How does the Windscribe VPN fare among the others?

  • Windscribe can be used on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices, with a newly launched Android client as well.
  • The selling factor of Windscribe is that it provides unlimited access. This means that a subscription can be used by any family member or friend as long as they have your credentials and details.
  • While Windscribe may not have the best speed, it has some of the best prices in the market, which makes it a great saver for people who are looking to not burn a hole in their pocket.

Which is better, paid or free VPN service?

  • Data usage: Everybody wants to save money, and some free services can work for you if you do not require a lot of data. If you are someone who requires a lot of data or downloads, it is better to get paid VPNs as free versions come with very low data limits.
  • Features: Free plans are for simpler needs and have limited features. For more secure browsing and downloading, a paid service will truly be the best VPN.

What technical factors should be considered while choosing the best VPN service?

  • Servers in every country and region you will require the VPN in: Some services do not have enough servers or do not have servers in the regions you may require them, thus making your subscription useless. Check whether your provider is available in the regions of your choice for the best VPN service.
  • Higher and better choices of connection protocols used: OpenVPN and IKeV2 are ideal connection protocols to be used. SSTP and the PPTP are good as well. However, having more options is always better for you.
  • A higher number of simultaneous connections: Usually, 3-5 connections is an optimum number.
  • Check whether your VPN service is logging your data: For a secure connection, it is important to know whether your provider is logging your data. While some amount of data will be logged everywhere, read the terms of the agreement to see how long the data is stored and how much data is collected.
  • Check which servers or software handle your connections and whether you can favorite them: Some servers are known to you and can feel more secure. Favoriting them can help. Sometimes, some servers and connections can also create problems, so you can avoid providers with bad servers.
  • Cheap may not always be good: Beware of cheap plans with bad connections and servers. They might seem attractive at first but can backfire later.

How can you test a VPN service to ensure that you’re going for the best?

  • Use free trials
  • Read the privacy policy and the terms and conditions
  • Check the speed using websites that measure it
  • Check for DNS leaks

Once you have selected the best VPN service of your choice, you can enjoy your newfound security and anonymity on the internet.

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