Everything To Know About Adjustable Beds

Everything to know about adjustable beds
Adjustable beds are a much-needed addition to a modern home. Earlier, the term adjustable beds conjured up an image of hospital beds in a gloomy setting. However, these days, they have become synonymous to a comfortable and healthy living. They offer an upgrade over your regular beds in terms of health and comfort. Adjustable beds come with a lot of benefits that improve relaxation and sleep. You should definitely think about getting one for you and your family. Adjustable beds are not only luxurious but comfortable too. This article discusses some important information to help you make up your mind.

Why should you get an adjustable bed?

  • An adjustable bed helps you adjust your position while watching TV, lying down, or reading, in order to avoid unnecessary strain on the neck and the back.
  • It lets you raise your head up and bring your feet up a little to ease the pressure on your back when suing for prolonged periods of time.
  • Most adjustable beds come with a massage function that can help you release your stress and tension just before sleeping.
  • If you suffer from back pains, then it is a must-have for you. However, even if you are a perfectly healthy individual, this bed will help keep your sleeping and relaxing posture in check, thereby preventing potential back problems.

What are the health benefits of an adjustable bed?

  • It helps you fall asleep faster by allowing you to choose the perfect resting position. You can adjust your bed to suit your comfort with the press of a button, or even customize your bed to suit your preferences.
  • If you or your partner snore, these beds can help prevent it. They come with a feature that can help you elevate the position of your head. A slightly elevated head while sleeping can go a long way in reducing snoring.
  • Back pain is a major menace in the United States. Almost 30 million people suffer from it. This bed can help you reduce pressure from your back by distributing weight evenly and improving your posture.
  • One in five adults in the country suffers from arthritis. These beds can help reduce the arthritis pain by relieving the pressure off your troubled areas and resting your joints properly.
  • These beds can also help reduce acid reflux symptoms by allowing you to sleep with your head and body partially elevated.

What are the best mattresses for an adjustable bed?

  • Memory foam mattress easily adjusts to your body shape and distributes your weight evenly. If you use it with the adjustable bed, it will flex easily to support the contour of the base, thereby giving you optimum support and comfort.
  • Another mattress that you can use is the latex mattress, which is easily adjustable and provides comfort and pain relief.

What are some of the most impressive features of an adjustable bed?

  • Adjustable beds come with either wireless or wired remotes to help control their position and adjust them as per your needs.
  • Some adjustable beds have preset positions such as ‘Zero Gravity’. These beds are programmed in a way that give you a feeling of weightlessness.
  • These beds also come with a snore feature, which allows you or your significant other to press the snore button if either of you is snoring. This button causes your head to be elevated slightly, thereby reducing the snoring.
  • These beds come with a safety feature that keeps the beds in a safe locked-in position if there is a power outage. Some beds also have backup batteries that lower the bed to a comfortable position in any such events.
  • Some adjustable beds also come with a built-in alarm clock as well as speakers.
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