Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bug Extermination

Everything you need to know about bed bug extermination

Household pests are those nuisance-causing creatures which, though diminutive in size, can subject you to immense torture and can prevent you from getting the required amount of sleep you need to function efficiently the next day. Contrary to popular notion that unclean places attract bed bugs, even if you invest a lot of time cleaning your house, there are high chances that you will still find bed bugs dwelling in the nooks and crannies of your house, hiding safely from eager human eyes that are willing to put an end to their existence.

Bed bugs aren’t experts at camouflaging themselves in the mattress of your bed, but they come out stealthily and bite you when you are sleeping. The pain it causes, accompanied by the fact that it sucks our blood, makes it an ordeal that you have to go through every night. At times, these vicious bites can lead to infections and can worsen if neglected. There are various DIY bed bug removal techniques, but if you wish to be thorough with the bed bug extermination, hiring a professional exterminator will be more productive in such cases.

If you are considering making the bed bug extermination your own project or approach an exterminator to complete the task, there are certain things you need to know about the entire process.

Which are the best bed bug sprays to buy?

  • Bed bug sprays are one of the most potent options if you wish to undertake the process of removing bed bugs on your own. Whether you choose natural sprays that are organic, low-toxic sprays or artificial chemical spray is completely your choice. Though natural bed bug sprays kill bed bugs, they aren’t as strong as their chemical counterpart.
  • Some of the best bed bug sprays you can buy are the Bed Bug Killer by Eco Defence, Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider, Temprid SC Killer, Harris Bed Bug Killer, Bed Bug Egg Killer Spray, and Bed Bug Killer Patrol.
  • The effectiveness of these bed bug sprays would depend on the severity of the infestation; the severe the infestation, the stronger the bed bug spray should be.

How does the thermal treatment work?

  • One of the most effective ways of removing bed bugs is opting for thermal treatment as a form of bed bug extermination. In this process, the exterminators would drive hot air into the cracks and corners where bed bugs usually dwell and increase the temperature over 120 degrees. Since bed bugs have a low tolerance for high temperature, these creatures cannot live at such an elevated temperature and eventually succumb to the increased temperature.
  • This form of bed bug extermination would cost around $1–$3 per square foot, so, an average homeowner would end up paying around $2,000–$4,000 in all.
  • Though this form of bed bug removal is quite effective, it doesn’t involve the use of preventive residual that is usually sprayed on the cleaned area to prevent the bed bugs from returning.

Which are the best bed bug extermination companies?

  • The bed bug removal cost varies from one company to another, so, ensuring that you choose the best extermination company to get rid of bed bugs in your house is quite necessary since it should be worth your money.
  • The popular extermination companies that can get rid of bed bugs are Orkin, Terminix, Ehrlich, Arrow Exterminators, and ThermaPure.
  • These exterminator companies use different techniques to get rid of bed bugs, and you need to check which technique you would prefer to exterminate bed bugs.

Which are the effective ways of preventing the recurrence of bed bugs?

  • Once the exterminator gets rid of the bed bugs, they usually spray a preventive residual that prevents the bed bugs from entering your house again. However, this preventive residual is rendered useless if you don’t take measures to ensure that there is no recurrence of bed bugs.
  • If you are traveling, ensure that on returning, you wash your clothes in hot water, inspect and disinfect furniture time and again, use the vacuum cleaner frequently, protect the mattress with a special mattress cover, keep checking for rust-colored spots since they indicate the presence of bed bugs, stop cluttering, and keep an eye on your pets and pet accessories as well.
  • Stay alert, and if you detect the slightest hint of the presence of bed bugs, seek professional help immediately.

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