Four Spring Cleaning Lessons Everyone Must Know

Four spring cleaning lessons everyone must know

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition. Opening the windows and letting the fresh air in after a long winter is followed by scrubbing down the house. However, spring cleaning methods are very different these days as our houses are different too. Spring cleaning not only promotes wellness but also ensures that our home’s environment is clean and organized.

Spring cleaning ensures that the place looks fresh and gives the feeling of a new beginning. It is good to have things organized and planned previously to make the process of spring cleaning easy and smooth. Below are four factors that everyone must know about spring cleaning.

How often should one clean their space?
Cleanliness is subjective as everybody has a personal level of hygiene. However, there are some general standards and rules that can help one know how often they should clean their space.

  • Changing the sheets: Sheets contain a lot of bacteria, though most of them are harmless. It is recommended to change the sheets at least once or twice a week.
  • Disinfecting the sink: Sinks can get infected easily. While using the sink, water splashes back on one’s hands, and this can lead to the infection passing on to their hands. Hence, it is recommended to wipe down sinks daily.
  • Vacuuming the rugs and washing the floors: One should wash rugs on a weekly basis. However, one should do it more often if they have pets. Meanwhile, the flooring should be given a good wash or steam once in a few weeks.

What is the 20/10 method of cleaning?
Most people want to clean as infrequently as they can. Usually, people are busy with many other things on their to-do list, and cleaning is only one of the items on the list.

  • Most people tend to procrastinate until they have some guests coming over or when they have no choice about it. However, being organized is not about doing things at the last minute, but about early planning. Spring cleaning is one of the times when the 20/10 method comes extremely handy.
  • The 20/10 method is all about training to do short bursts of cleaning followed by a break. When one is planning to do some cleaning, they need to set a timer of approximately 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 45 minutes, depending on the task. As soon as the timer stops, one has to stop that chore and do something else.
  • If one does these short cleaning routines every day, they will develop a habit that will make it easy to keep the house clean, without having to spend a whole day on it.

How can one deep clean their home?
Spring cleaning involves putting in a lot of effort to clean the space. While deep cleaning, there are many factors one needs to note and be careful about. Mentioned below are some factors that will help one deep clean their space easily-

  • Have the right tools for cleaning: Firstly, it is essential to check if one has all the cleaning supplies including a vacuum cleaner before starting. Some of the best cleaning supplies are the microfiber ones as they readily pick up and hold onto the dirt and germs until washed.
  • Avoid buying giant bins: One of the mistakes that people make while spring cleaning is purchasing big dustbins. It is not a good idea to dump everything in them. It is imperative to put things where they belong and not where they fit.
  • Storing things based on their frequency of usage: Things that are barely used, like Christmas decorations, should be placed in the basement, attic, or garage. One should store things that are used often in places that are easily accessible.

What are some effective hacks for spring cleaning?
Spring cleaning involves a lot of hard work. However, there are always some tips and tricks that will help you in getting the work done more easily and quickly. Below are some effective tips for spring cleaning-

  • Use old newspapers to clean dirty windows.
  • Organize your fridge and cabinets with the help of rotating turntables.
  • For easy access, stack clothes vertically instead of folding them flat.
  • Use the correct cleaner for different materials. Not all of them can be used on any material.
  • Recycle old socks by using them as dust cloths as cotton is a good fabric for cleaning dust particles.
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