Things To Consider While Buying A Yard Ramp

Things to consider while buying a yard ramp
Yard ramps, also known as container ramps or mobile yard ramps, are movable metal ramps used for loading and unloading vehicle trailers and shipping containers. Placed at the back of a vehicle, a yard ramps provide an access for forklifts to ascend the ramp, safely and quickly, into the truck body or the container. Using a yard ramp for loading or unloading a container lets the work be completed using a single forklift operator. Normally, the businesses that handle only one or two loads per day find that a yard ramp is much more cost-effective than a permanent loading dock.

As purchasing a yard ramp is an investment for the business, it is important to know the various aspects associated with it. Below is some information regarding the same.

Which is the most effective and efficient yard ramp for your business?

  • Yard ramps come with numerous standard options and features to help you get the yard ramp that best suits your requirements and needs.
  • These ramps can be easily moved into position at the loading docks, trailers, or railcars.
  • The operator of the yard ramp makes use of a self-contained, double-acting hydraulic pump for adjusting the ramp unit into a proper position. Thus, in a matter of a couple of minutes, you are ready to load or unload freight.
  • The solid rubber tires of 18” help in easy positioning and towing. Open serrated steel grating is able to provide an excellent forklift traction while preventing a build-up of water, snow, and other debris.
  • A beveled approach enables and assures a smooth transition.
  • For a rail-to-ground or truck-to-ground loading choose a 36” unit, including a level off.
  • A straight design of 30” is an ideal option for easily loading dock-to-ground.

What is the usable width of a yard ramp?

  • Usable width is the actual width of the ramp that may be utilized by either a forklift or the employees.
  • There are safety curbs included typically on each side of the yard ramps that contribute to the overall width of the ramp.
  • However, it is misleading if a company were to give you the width of the overall ramp as the usable width may be much less.

What are the customization options for yard ramps?

  • Customization options are an important factor that needs to be considered while buying yard ramps.
  • For instance, you may have a forklift or machinery that has a peculiar wheel height in which you might need extended curbs.
  • Moreover, if you are planning on the usage of your yard ramp for a personal walk ramp, you’d need to understand if handrails may be provided.

How to identify a foreign-built yard ramp?

  • Some resellers of yard ramps might not inform you that they are selling foreign-built yard ramps.
  • Generally, most of these foreign-built yard ramps use an independent guardrail and/or a support structure.
  • Typically, the yard ramps made in the country make use of a solid support side rail structure and these superstructure side beams function as guard rails.

What are the advantages of a yard ramp?
Some of the advantages of a yard ramp are:

  • In some situations, it is not possible to utilize a permanent loading bay. This is when a yard ramp is an ideal solution, providing fast and efficient loading and unloading of trucks or trailers by forklifts.
  • Having a yard ramp provides a backup in case there is any problem with a normal loading dock or bay leveler system.
  • Additionally, a yard ramp offers extra flexibility.
  • Used either inside or outside of buildings, yard ramps avoid the need to construct expensive permanent docking bays.
  • Yard ramps are ideal for short-term use during peak seasons or on temporary sites.
  • These ramps make use of a ramp clamp or a tow bar, thus, allowing them to be easily and quickly moved around on site using a forklift as well as placed in a new location as and when required.
  • Yard ramps have a mobile design that makes them ideal for small sites where space is premium and/or sites with rapidly changing requirements or operations.
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