How To Pick Ladies Dresses For Special Occasions

How to pick ladies dresses for special occasions
Some women find it overwhelming to dress up right for the occasion. Invitations for different functions could even be a nightmare for women in such cases. Be it getting summer special occasion dresses, special occasion black dresses, or even evening special occasion dresses, it’s a charm if ladies get it right the first time. Let’s look at how to ease deciding upon ladies dresses for special occasions.

How can you decide what to wear on an occasion?

  • Weddings, black tie events, engagement parties, funerals, bridal showers,etc. are invitations that cannot be rejected.
  • The tricky part is to understand the ideal dress code, even if the invitation card mentions this.
  • When it comes to weddings as special occasions, check with the dress code first. If black dresses are optional, ladies, you can go for a full length gown.

How can you decide what to wear if the dress code is black tie?

  • If the dress code is black tie, go for an A-line knee length black dress, which is a perfect fit, with a back zipper.
  • If the special occasion is a cocktail party or something casual, ladies can wear dresses that are more informal.
  • Ladies can also opt for strapless chiffon dresses for a dance night, because they’re classy and beautiful.

How can you choose an outfit for engagement and cocktail party?

  • Ladies, if you plan to get an occasional wear for an engagement party, dresses for special occasions of this sort should be short and flirtatious picks that look perfect and classy.
  • If choosing a full length gown, go for a colorful one like blue, pink, green, or yellow. Don’t choose white, because you should not steal the thunder of the bride. Chiffon knee-length mini dresses could be the perfect special occasion dresses for ladies to wear to an engagement function.
  • For special occasions like cocktail parties, ladies should pick dresses shorter than knee length, with a small frill. If there are no choices for a colorful frilled dress, go for a classic evening special occasion dress or a special occasion black dress.
  • You can also accessorize to brighten the mood of a black dress.
  • Evening events, birthday parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, and baby showers are common evening cocktail parties that you can wear these dresses at and shine.

How can you style yourself?

  • Pick stylish and playful as your style.
  • If you are planning on going for a black tie event, always go for a full length gown.
  • Dresses with bedazzlement, embellishments, may be a bow, beading, brooch, ruffles, and silhouettes could all go with the gown. Some ladies prefer a lacy black dress with a transparent bottom from the knee and a satin flip backside.

Is it okay to approach the invitee for a detailed dress code?

  • Depending on how closely you know the person who sent the invitation, you can ask them for the right choice of dress according to the code.
  • You can mail the person if they are not close.

What can you choose for an office function?

  • For team functions or parties, ladies can wear a pencil skirt or dress pants, or pair these with silk material or a button-down top with high heels or stilettos.
  • Office parties and happy hours’ team lunches are great occasions to wear such dresses.
  • If the occasion is a casual one, always avoid wearing denim jeans with tennis shoes and a simple cotton tee. You can, instead, choose a silk trouser or dress pants with skirt.
  • You can wear leather strapped sandals or leather heels with two straps on, or a nice brooch with printed shirt and a buckle for special occasions like church Sundays, dinner invites, normal phone invites, etc.
  • For a country club casual party, go for a polo shirt and denim jeans or open necked shirt with skirts and minimal accessories. Country club, horse race events, dinner party at a friend’s, and restaurant dinners are occasions that can usually club up these dresses for ladies.
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